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    Type Of Piling Machines

    Piling is used to strengthen the soil on ground and able to support the load of building. Piles have to be driving into the ground by using piling machine, there is few different types of piling machine in the market and all of them have different usage. The usage of types of piling machine is depending on the type of piles used, different types of piling machine may affect the procedure of pile driving too. Location of site affect the usage of type of piling machine too, because some of the piling machines make noisy voice and it may affect the nearby resident.

    Type Of Piling Machine

    1) Bakau Piling Machine
    Bakau Piling Machine
    Features :
    i) It’s using a type of timber called “Bakau” as pile.
    ii) Normally used for single storey house which has lower load.
    iii) Lower cost spent.

    2) Pile Driver
    Pile Driver
    Features :
    i) Hydraulic Pile Driver (long screw drilling machine)
    ii) Can drive with longer pile with height of : 21m, 25m, 27m, 30m, 30.4m, 33m, 34m, 36m
    iii) Hole diameter : 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm
    iv) Drilling depth : 17m, 20m, 23m, 26m, 30m, 32m
    v) Piling speed : 3.5m/min, 4m/min

    3) Rotary Piling Rig
    Rotary Piling Rig
    Features :
    i) It’s commonly used for railway, road,bridge, public works bridge and large building, etc.
    ii) Maximum Hole diameter : 2000mm
    iii) Maximum Drilling depth : 60m
    iv) Piling speed : 1.5km/hour
    v) Efficient and energy-saving engine

    4) Nissha D308 / 408 / 508 Piling Machine
    Nissha D308 / 408 / 508 Piling Machine
    Features :
    i) Used for spun pile, RC square pile and etc.
    ii) Fast driving speed and efficient.

    5) Bore piling machine (JZL18-600/JZL45 Crawler type)
    Bore piling machine (JZL18-600/JZL45 Crawler type)
    Features :
    i) It’s used for bored piling.
    ii) Bored diameter : 600mm
    iii) Bored depth : 18m
    iv) Stanchion height : 20.6m
    v) Multifunctional Pile Frame

    6) Bore piling machine (JZL18-600/JZL45 Crawler type)
    Bore piling machine (Moving type JZB21-600/JZB50)
    Features :
    i) It’s used for bored piling.
    ii) Bored diameter : 600mm
    iii) Bored depth : 21m
    iv) Stanchion height : 25.3m

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    What is bored piling?

    Bored Piling is one of the common and modern-day techniques for building a solid pile foundation for construction of various building types and structures.

    The Process
    Bored Piling is a process whereby steel circular casings are installed into the ground by the simultaneous process of drilling and soil removal. This is then followed by the concreting of the piles, which then forms a strong pile foundation for the structure. This process is usually required when soil replacement instead of soil displacement is required.

    Usage & Advantages
    In many of today’s rapidly-developing cities, redevelopment and new construction works commonly require the use of bored piles. This is usually the case when surrounding site conditions, especially adjacent structures require minimal vibration and noise. This method also offers considerable flexibility in pile length, ground and soil conditions, without the hassle of large excavations and subsequent backfill of soil. To facilitate boring into hard rock strata, JF Foundation uses ancillary equipment such as the “Down-the-hole” hammer.

    JF Foundation combines the strategic use of conventional or advanced hydraulic drilling rigs to carry out bored piling works according to the onsite soil composition, quality and project requirements.

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